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Firedrake fruit also can say is a kind of intertropical fruit, because it basically is in a few intertropical areas and semi-tropical area to grow, firedrakeFall in love with the sea

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Also divide if really for fruit of firedrake of hearts firedrake fruit and white heart, the price of fruit of firedrake of the hearts on common market should compare tower above of fruit of dragon of white internal heat a lot of. Patient of a lot of haemorrhoid can notice his food, because if food is undeserved the meeting is aggravating if bringing about constipation oneself haemorrhoid illness, so can haemorrhoid patient eat firedrake fruit?

Can haemorrhoid eat firedrake fruit

Pregnant woman long haemorrhoid can eat firedrake fruit pregnant woman long haemorrhoid can eat firedrake fruit. Having pile is not the most terrible, be afraid of be afraid of in produce constipation, because constipation is met the symptom of aggravating haemorrhoid, defecate does not go out to be able to bring about haemorrhoid burst very likely to produce haemorrhage greatly too forcibly. Want to eat some of aperient vegetable fruit daily so, be like banana, firedrake fruit, yangtao, celery, of cucumber and so on.

1, because plant sex albumin is contained in firedrake fruit, and the effect that this kind of albumin has pair of heavy metal inside body to have relieve internal heat or fever, now heavy metal of car tail gas pollutes more serious modernization metropolitan, pregnant woman eats firedrake fruit to still can counteract toxin of the heavy metal inside body, besides, the plant sex albumin in firedrake fruit returns walls of pair of human body stomach to have protective effect. So pregnant woman eats firedrake fruit to also have protective effect to the stomach.

Can haemorrhoid eat firedrake fruit

2, rich prandial plant fine is contained in firedrake fruitLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Adjust effectively gastric bowel function, prevent costive happening. Pregnant woman arrives in pregnant later period is very incidental constipation, so pregnant woman eats firedrake fruit to be able to prevent constipation effectively.

3, sucrose and caramel are not contained in firedrake fruit, won’t increase the burden of the diabetic. Pregnant woman has the problem that firedrake fruit also need not worry about candy intake is tall, and firedrake fruit still has fall the effect of blood pressure, the pregnant woman of high to sufferring from the pregnant woman of hypertension and pregnant disease has profit very much.

4, vitamin C and cyanine element are contained in firedrake fruit, have prevent anile, hairdressing to raise colour effect. So pregnant woman eats firedrake fruit, eat a health not only, still can can have a beauty.

Can haemorrhoid eat firedrake fruit

Pregnant woman grows haemorrhoid how to should do

1, the food that stops to eat to have stimulation tartly, wait like wine, chili, Chinese prickly ash, peppery, ginger, green, garlic. Eat stodgy food less, lest cause constipation, aggravating haemorrhoid. Eat more contain cellulose, free having profit the vegetable of aperient action and fruit, be like spinach, day lily, agaric and apple, peach, pear, banana, melon kind etc. If have defecate difficulty, but edible honey or a few food that contain vegetable oil, wait like sesame seed, walnutmeat.

2, fume wash hip bath to enter decoct water usable pieplant, Huang Bai, Huang Cen, painstakingly, daily hind or morning and evening two, affected part is washed after taking the advantage of heat to be fumed first, every time 15 ~ 20 minutes. The decoct soup such as leaf of usable still Ai Xie, Chinese prickly ash, the pod of Chinese scholartree or pagoda tree flower, purslane, fig, arborvitae is fumed wash hip bath. Or it is to use tampon or gauze to dip in Shang Fu at affected part, everyday 2 ~ 3, every time 20 minutes, can alleviate effectively naevusLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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3, the time that decrease to stand for a long time or takes, make haemal circulation smoother.

4, the motion that carry anus, and approach ham, inspiratory when contractive anus, expiratory when loosen anus. Relapse so, daily 3, every time 30, in order to enhance the muscle power of pelvic bottom, be helpful for defecate and precautionary haemorrhoid happening.

5, in addition, the woman is in gestation, especially gravid later period, still should avoid sedentary long stand, do some of outdoors activity appropriately. Notice anal sanitation, do not brush anus with sordid paper and hard paper, hind wash anus with Wen Shui, the habit of the time defecate with good nurturance, can make pregnant woman benefits a lot.

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