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Biscuit dot and youth love to eat, at ordinary times besides buy biscuit outside, oneself also can make cookie in the home, and the cookie that oneself make in the home, taste is very pretty good, below the case that should have oven only, OK follow one’s inclinationsForum of Shanghai night net

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The ground makes different taste, small squirrel biscuit, yoghurt expression biscuit, these OK and optional tie-in appearance, what want burden and scale to put only is correct, made cookie is very delicious.

How to make cookie in the home simple and delicious

Yoghurt expression biscuit


100g of low muscle flour, butter 50g, yoghurt 30g, egg 50g, white sugar 50gSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum


1. butter is taken from freezer place soft hind join white sugar to dismiss with eggbeater even, the egg juice that adds break up mixes divide evenly, rejoin yogurt mixes divide evenly, join the flour of sift out finally, mix faceFall in love with the sea

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Freezer cold storage is put after the group a hour

The dough after 2. will be refrigerated takes roll to become piece, give facial feature with knife depict

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3. is put bake dish on, enter oven superstratum, 150 degrees, next fire are baked on 20 minutes

How to make cookie in the home simple and delicious

Small squirrel biscuit


Butter 50 grams, candy pink 30 grams, entire egg 25 grams, low pink 100 grams, tall pink 25 grams, milk powder 15 grams, vanilla cream 2 drip


Bate of 1. butter room temperature, add candy pink dismisses

2. is divided second add egg juice, every time should be in after mix is even join the next time

The butter mixture with 3. good agitate, join 2 vanilla cream

How to make cookie in the home simple and delicious

4. is siftedNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
Low pink, tall pink, milk powder, mix is even, all pink kind wet can, do not want excessive agitate, lest piece muscle

5. kneads dough, roll is become make an appointment with the face skin with thick 3mm, use mould extrude model

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6. puts face skin bake dish in, after extrude, rip go the face all round skin

7. is put into the oven with good warm-up, 175 degrees of middle-level 10 minutes, the surface becomes yellow can.

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