Begin test feelings ” demon animal ” the film first media grading is only 29 minutes

Whether does everybody still remember having in the past held girlfriend relation in the palm to see the movie ” demon animal ” filmgoer? He is right at that time an evaluation that gave out 69 minutes, bring about a lot of ” demon animal ” the player’s dissatisfaction, however the media grading of this film is formal today lift a ban, the result makes a person be left speechless with wonder or fear: Average branch is only 29 minutes.

Hollywoodreporter: The film ” demon animal ” the person that let watch a movie really felt to enter 3D game in, its element is too jumbly, ” demon animal ” new height was reached on hodgepodge.

Screendaily: After film ends, whole gut lets a person feel incomprehensible, far-fetched, commonplace, with ” ring king ” , ” the game of influence ” poor is not 1:30 dot.

Variety: The conflict between animal person and mankind should be contend for hegemony of animal of a demon originally, but the fact is two hours that it yielded me to spend hardship before screen, the main and contradictory conflict of film is very absurd its play also is same.

Wrap: The film ” demon animal ” production fine long hair is insincere, if I must want to see the movie that a game adapts again, I aux would rather go looking ” super Maliao ” .

Although the comment goes low all the time, the film ” demon animal ” opened to booking booking office to also achieve 8.61 million yuan or so at 0 o’clock, this piece will show on June 8, test feelings when arrived.

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