” the hand develops simulator ” atelier is made newly ” demand repayment person ” land Steam

Borrow money to return Qian Tian fair tunnel, if touch,go up thick-skinned the person that does not return money, what you need is major demands repayment the personage helps. The near future has an independence to lie fallow to swim newly ” demand repayment person (Repo Man) ” land Steam, in game, what you act is a callosity denounces debtor, call at sb’s house visits those to owe the person that money does not return, force they spit bone come. ” demand repayment person ” premonitory:
” demand repayment person ” follow average imitate game same, the economic behavior of will real world adapts play, play a way very pure also, the home that heads for the person that be in debt namely medium or yard place, force he returns money next. Of course, the person that owes money to be not returned can say he does not have money certainly, so game played a law truly to come. . . Right, check front cover sample like the bank, the other side owes money not to return rational, rational of your claw flesh and blood of the people has according to, your purpose wants the capital fund with all and costly the other side of search draw together namely, next resell goes out, give creditor bond reassign. Of course, the design of toll-gate should want a player to probe each corner namely mainly, must not let off any things that can sell fund. Check water meter public figure as major, by photograph of the other side to also be common occurrence, receive account to be done not have originally after all so relaxed, there still can be war situation to happen in game, although cannot expect independent game is in,the detail of this part can be done much weller, hope to be in only it is good to beat a person so that Yue Shuang jumps over, best can return can put to good use a few strange skill. In game, what the basis ans outpost of the tax office is different, you are met from civilian curtilage the action receiving credit that all sorts of arena such as factory of building of toll-gate, office, place have checking water meter. This is not an easy assignment, especially if you have one the individual’s word only. Game cut pursues: ” demand repayment person ” had not announced date of particular put on sale and price, but need the work before this atelier ” the hand develops simulator ” everybody should familiar to the ear can detailed, if liking, can join them the desire is odd.

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