” surmount good and evil 2 ” newest developer direct seeding leaks cross body information

Some earlier today moment, yo greens jade and ” surmount good and evil 2 ” developed a group to hold them ” aerospace monkey reports the 5th period ” direct seeding, shared a few new game detail and equipment to suffer expectant notional art to pursue. Yo green jade decides this Zhou Xiangfen silk people the development situation that replaces this game, because ” surmount good and evil 2 ” will not be in roll out on E3 this year, because of this group dedicated at reaching ” core develops milepost ” . Besides share a few new concept art, the group still shared a few interesting detail, enter finally about becoming a player ” surmount good and evil 2 ” what can universal time produce. In this universe, “System 3 ” every medium unit is clone body, arise through the DNA cross of person and animal. Among them body of a group of clone is cross monkey, they are used to extract and collect a kind to be called Diwalite (Diwalite) precious and mineral. However, collecting this kind of resource is breakneck, because it is,bump the generation when the planet that contains sulfur section so like Nakala in the aerolite. Worse is, it volatilizes extremely easily, unless gather up will save, can save 15 seconds left and right sides only otherwise. These servile cross body are pulled by strange beauty the company uses as ” cannon fodder ” , for Jimeila below finite protection the company collects these resource, if they cannot fulfil quota, they will not return relatively safe boat to go up, and by abandon. Graph of a few concepts revealed those to misfortune is exploded to hit by the aerolite and turn sulfureous and statuary cross into body. However, also a few slave can escape, and aerospace pirate (you! ) can choose to save these cross body slave, let them break away from terrible destiny, and they join recruit your career. The player can choose to serve as the mankind or cross system begins game, deduce oneself story, and the one big theme of this world is to decide Vs beforehand. Freewill, and the lifetime that how the player chooses to spend his. We still saw a huge pirate nest, it is concealed in minor planet belt, it is Pu Ruimai of archaic artificial intelligence is pulled (Primera) home. If you choose to begin game with slave of body of a cross, she can help you enter aerospace pirate party, assist you to discover future, become legend hero. This group still showed the rhinoceros person model after updating for us, they are in ” surmount good and evil ” in it is vermicelli made from bean starch people love most, the optional choose that also is players acts one of objects. Although ” surmount good and evil 2 ” won’t appear on E3, but these 6 atelier — Yo green jade is much atelier of Er of Barcelona atelier, wave, beautiful because of Ci atelier, unconscious Biliai atelier, Sofia atelier, and an atelier that is about to announce to hold water, realize their dream in effort, finish the game that had announced this 2017.

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