This Korea early days hits tough later period to eat gallinaceous movement game to land PC platform this year

Before this, on the GDC 2019 March, matisco of Korea development business announced the name is ” hunter arena: Legend (Hunter’s Arena: Legends) ” later period of early days MOBA has gallinaceous movement game, will this year the 3rd quarter lands PC platform, after this still can roll out mobile phone and mainframe version, matisco still announced a paragraph of newest game to demonstrate premonitory, look together. ” hunter arena: Legend ” game demonstrates premonitory:
After seeing video for the most part, may think ” hunter arena: Legend ” it is game of a fistfight, of game playing a way is players in a piece map uppercut is killed wild strange, get experience, skill, money to update equipment to increase property next thereby, ultimate goal is ” eat chicken ” . Game general can accommodate 50 players to enter cockpit at the same time, early days is hit with LOL wild brush euqally strange, the fight that PvP is from the back gives ultimate winner definitely. It is below ” hunter arena: Legend ” main characteristic: 1, the fight of 50 National People’s Congress that have ARPG and element of fistfight of fighting at close quarters 2, an unique ascensive system: The player needs to catch an eccentric person to upgrade in order to win prize 3, the optional part of 10 above, can odd platoon mixes 3 4, many an eccentric person and 20 many BOSS, the subterranean city in 20 many game 5, new pattern and new function will come 6, by Nvidia Gameworks and the visional engine that Hairworks supports the modification version of 4 provides support premonitory check scheme: ” hunter arena: Legend ” will 2019 the 3rd quarter (predict 7, August) land PC platform, sequel will roll out lead plane and mobile phone version.

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