Top class picture pledges the hand swims TPS ” bullet duel: Developmental ” transplanting Switch

Because use the account that comes from Nvidia TegraX1 chip,knowing is, it is easy that game of Switch transplanting mobile phone is compared it seems that, this brings about many mobile phone game to transplant to contain the plane of family expenses sport of palm engine quality to go up to this. Today, again a famous mobile phone game lands Switch certainly, that has those who be close to picture of family expenses machine to pledge on the mobile phone namely ” bullet duel (Bullet Battle) ” . Switch ” bullet duel: Developmental ” prevue:
Switch edition ” bullet duel ” the name is ” bullet duel: Developmental (Bullet Battle: EVOLUTION) ” , withheld originally of mobile phone version play a way, have high quality picture. The spurt that series of similar war machine includes in game, blindage, roll and function of close body fistfight. Can allow through the network most 8 people have much person online game. ” bullet duel: Developmental ” have 8 life to put mode, 4 people a group mode that seize a banner and dead battle mode. Switch ” bullet duel: Developmental ” price 1800 yen, day takes EShop to show already open is opened to booking, solved a lock on May 30. Support Chinese. Switch ” bullet duel: Developmental ” game check scheme:

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