Jing is mad in set out! Game of adventure of gothic Jing Song ” the sky that does not have light ” new premonitory

Recently, elder brother of perspective of look down at is special game of adventure of wind Jing Song is made newly ” the sky that does not have light ” released new play premonitory, new premonitory lieutenant general introduces those who await player exploration in detail all sorts of cosmic horror incident. When you explore the world and experiencing gut gradually, the astrospace of stretch to the horizon loses those who become you ocean. ” the sky that does not have light ” newest and premonitory:
The player will be in ” the sky that does not have light ” in drive train of a vintage vapour, cross in sky, have a conversation with different role in astral harbor berth, supplementary goods and materials, explore secret world. As ceaseless exploration of the player, your weapon and other equipment can undertake upgrading, this cosmic pirate, factional to resisting enemy and all sorts of not famous strange animal are very necessary. To live you may need to take of all kinds and necessary step, congener even photograph is fed. Tracking the task while, you are OK the accompany with different recruit upgrades all the way, your guard is OK also oneself undertake custom-built. Game of adventure of Song of Jing of wind of elder brother spy ” the sky that does not have light ” will in January 2019 31 land Steam platform.

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