” interstellar citizen ” single person battle ” 42 squadron ” obtain individual of 40 million dollar to invest

” interstellar citizen ” content of single person battle ” 42 squadron ” announce period of time already formally, nevertheless we know it is being developed only, also heard of the detail such as a few cast, but do not know to come out exactly however date. According to the news that Chris Roberts of old of Cloud Imperium atelier announces, “42 squadron ” will check at undertaking Alpha first half of the year 2020, of the same age undertakes Beta checks later on. Roberts still spent a few time to discuss their capital matter, he mentioned Cloud Imperium to achieve trait recently the individual of 46 million dollar invests, use technically at this making to draw near the market sale before put on sale. They just begin to pay close attention to market sale respect recently. “Begin when us ” interstellar citizen ” and ‘ 42 squadron ‘ when publicizing, I ever had said numerous the development that prepared fund uses at game entirely, capital dimensions will decide the dimensions of the project and ambition. I can announce proudly now, we defended this acceptance successfully, so our whole world has many 500 stuff, but the cost in market sale respect is very small. ” next he discussed this individual investment how to let Cloud Imperium atelier be in again keep independent while the fund that obtains sale place to need. “This investment ensured our independence. We may be not moved inspect or EA in that way financial capacity, cannot produce their so big sound, but we can be in now sale ‘ 42 squadron ‘ when keep independent, and we still have secret weapon: Your everybody. Power of the greatest player group some helped us give off a message, these additional capital also will receive the most rational application, let ‘ 42 squadron ‘ score due success. ” finally, he looked into Beta test, “‘ 42 squadron ‘ test plan route chart and ” interstellar citizen ” noumenon is consistent, used likewise continuously cosmic design. Our plan is 2019 end finishs all content, 2020 before half an year undertakes Alpha checks, begin Beta test next. Begin Beta test next..

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