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Reading class of Yo thing upper part of the body when, believe everybody follows a teacher to had done pull-up this kind of motion, the equipment that makes pull-up can see inside a lot of playgrounds now, to major schoolboy, doing pull-up is not very bad thing, how much be of regard as only just, but to major schoolgirl, do pull-up or compare difficulty, everybody teachs below from the 0 methods that begin to do pull-up.

Pull-up how from 0 to one?

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1. goes up with efficient way, have a kind of kind, very lightly, and did to resemble doing the 2nd, this method is people common say ” swing ” .

Swing: This method is very actually simple, namely at the beginning first alvine support forth, next the buttock again in the future supports, have the power of an upgrade so, go up directly with this force very relaxed. Later downward when alvine support forth again, next the buttock supports again, again a force let go up, circulate so.

Do pull-up to want to be grasped more, accomplish ordinary hand to did not have effort to grasp otherwise, and the hand cannot be caught too close, such meetings have chrysalis and chrysalis will be broken, that feels super acid bright.

Have a place possibly at the beginning with this kind of method at odds, but do much can find a sense slowly, find a feeling to get a word to do progress to be met all the time rapid, find a feeling to accomplished 15 to use 3 months only from 0 before.

Pull-up how from 0 to one?

Pull-up cultured is back muscle, want back muscle to had drilled the muscle of the arm drills only can pull forcedly, one pull =3 forcedly, 4 swing.

How to practice back muscle, want to have a dumbbell above all, next again a long bench can begin to drill, dumbbell should be bought a bit heavier, great weight little time, exercise method is very much, have on the net, did not say more.

Pull-up how from 0 to one?

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1, buy above all pay a glove, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Line glove goes, so OK heat preservation, prevent a hand to ache.

2, first forehand condole is on bar, need not go up pull, let back endeavor to contract forcibly, maintain 10 – 15 seconds, next bar loosen 30 seconds, do 5 times circularly, also be overcome more again.

3, finish the behavioral drawing above 1 – 2 minutes.

4, thick line can be held in the hand, foot can on the thick stick of touchdown, do backhand to make system, after be being pulled, touchdown. Repeat do, 5 rest among the group 30 seconds, 5 groups, in all 25.

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Should feel very tired in the process that do. Want to hold to. Separate a day of practice, most practice rests 2 days one day, let muscle rest to just can grow. If weight is heavier, this one month should control food, increase protein, reduce cooked wheaten food absorb, bodyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Heavy light, the ability when making system is easier.

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