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A place of strategic importance, just not be every patient it is to be able to cause this kind of complication, once appear hind be about to have treatment according to the pathogeny, must not smoke during this cure again drink, this is the circumstance accentuation of the cold that can cause this and n&v snuffle, must notice abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, necessary when still can take a few have a town to cough the medicaments of the effect, these medicaments are to be able to alleviate illness.

How does cough n&v snuffle do

Because cough has a platoon phlegmy the main effect that with clean air, phlegmy to having a large number of platoons cough does not stop commonlyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Cough, it is more important to undertake the pathogeny is treated, if apply antibiotic to control infection, the liquid inside drainage lung, or application fights histamine medicaments to control allergic reaction to wait.

(One) pathogeny cure

The person that smoking is caused should smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline. New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Irritability rhinitis is excitant drivel drainage at pharynx the cough of hind be caused by can be used fight histamine medicaments or shrink blood-vessel medications, wait like chloric benzene Na Min. The person that bronchus lung is affected, should use antibiotic treatment. Bronchus asthma be caused by person, should use bronchiectasis agent and sugar coriaceous hormone cure.

How does cough n&v snuffle do

(2) the town coughs cure

If dry cough is afflictive, can use antitussive thing. Below certain circumstance, although the patient is put in expectoration, but when affecting Morpheus because of coughing, yi Ke uses antitussive content to control cough. Does the medicaments that treats cough have two kinds of: ? Does Qiang of ┪ of collect ignoranting sew pull samarium surname  ?

1, antitussive: Can restrain cough, use at having phlegmy or phlegmy fluid less person. Be like codeine.

2, exciting alleviative: ?

3, steam is inspiratory: If use atomizer, what can reduce larynx to compatibly is exciting and relieve a cough, the moisture in steam but attenuant secretion, those who make is easy and expectorate.

4, : of medicine of make expectoration easy? Does moisture in the soil blame Xuan of buy of   Qian? Fall in love with the sea

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Become rare and easy expectorate. All sorts ofShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The preparation that contain iodine.

How does cough n&v snuffle do

Adopt measure to avoid to restrain expectoration, may be disturbed because of phlegmy fluid retention or damage pulmonary alveolus to aerate, bring about lung to fight infection ability to drop. With reducing bronchus with agent of make expectoration easy through making phlegmy fluid attenuant convulsion is mixed make spirit way is opened, antibiotic but from go up at all remedial infection.

Offer quiet rest for the patient environment. The respiratory tract that holds a patient does not suffer exciter stimulation. If the patient is absolutely lie in bed, enjoin its often change posture, in order to promote secretion eduction.

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