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Article introduction

How does systemic acid ache to headache to return a responsibility feebly? Some person hard to avoid in the life can feel acid of him whole body is fond of faint head suddenlySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Ache, appear this kind of circumstance, actually the cold is caused below most circumstance. The body becauseForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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With the cold of degree, meeting occurrence sneeze, snorty, ache even feebly all over, this is a cold, fevered inchoate phase. Want to have treatment in time only, can restore very quickly so.

Systemic acid aches to headache how to return a responsibility feebly

Reason diagnose

Because catch cold catch cold is caused,this disease that we analyse is, so oneself are about to recollect below, be in be heated, perspire wait for body ask forring, stimulation of outside cool air suffers after this, air conditioning is in the majority. Because because body pore is opened,body catch cold catch cold is commonly, next cool air enters skin muscle. (Suffer wind and from the mouthLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The cold cool food that enter is not listed in this)

Pathology analysis

Common cold is caused by cold hot influence, because be the whole body aching, faint, have a headache, basically be the feeling on the skin and muscle. Catch cold catch cold causes had affirmed, basically be to help the body remove redundant cold air so, that comes loose with respect to induce sweat taking a place cold food or medicaments.

Systemic acid aches to headache how to return a responsibility feebly

Remedial method

This kind of symptom is more apparent, if inconvenience goes hospital or be disinclined to move, can use the method of dietotherapy, drink hot thing to remove cold air to go namely, if be afraid of the body,do not perspire will nod induce sweat. The point has patulin, basically seek sign of following content: Induce sweat comes loose cold. We boil water to drink with respect to the green Chinese onion that use a site and ginger, green uses induce sweat, open pore namely, ginger is used at sudoriferous. (Body weakling still had better be go to a doctor) do not be in at that time have wind and cold place, had better be the thing that cover an aspect sudoriferous, the effect is best.

Systemic acid aches to headache how to return a responsibility feebly

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Boil medicine

Prepare two green Chinese onion, cut a few ginger, green wants very light blue only, jiang Qie is become piece or, so short time can boil property of a medicine come out. Time shoulds not be too long, can smell bitter taste is OK (also can taste, ironing) , take the advantage of heat to drink, basically be sudoriferous, can perspire, your disease is good half.

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After the body perspires, waited for sweat to fall, rested well with respect to this, sweat goes out too much, human body enrages easy empty, body fluid evaporates. Drink bit of congee at that time, sleep shut-eye is basic good. The heals first feeling after disease is very happy, must not again catch a cold.

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