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The function of person intestines and stomach that has a lot of actually is not very good, especially beat of dot stomach ministry rouses, this kind of expression may come from at abdominal distension, the inflammation that abdominal perhaps disease causes, may accompany commonly have acuteFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Gastroenteritis, chronic gastritis, the problem of digestibility ulcer disease, to these so the circumstance must have proper understanding and knowledge, and should find the active cure after the reason.

 Beat of baby tummy ministry rouses

Bellyacke is abdominal distension and common atForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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1. Acute gastroenteritis

Bellyacke, above abdomen and umbilical week are given priority to, show clonic convulsion sex is aching, accompany anorexia, abdominal distension, disgusting vomiting, acute sample diarrhoea, or companion has calorific, dazed, weakness, cause by excessive drinking, excitant or feculent food and medicaments more.

2. Chronically gastritis

Epigastrium bilges frowsty unwell or aching, after You Yijin eat blame very, meal hind is full bilge, belch, swallow acid noisy, jalf congealed of weak insipidity of anorexia, disgusting, tongue, defecate is thin, or have anaemic, angular.

3. Digestibility ulcer disease

— on the abdomen is made sorely bilge to break out for a long time repeatedly, show periodic, last a few days, a few Zhou Huo is longer, afterwards with longer alleviate, the person that break out with year season sees there are apparent dependency and section law sex between; ache and food more, the ache of duodenum ulcer happens between two eat fortunately, after taking food, can alleviate, the ache of gastric ulcer often is in much hind happen inside 1 hour, 1 ~ alleviates gradually after 2 hours; companion saliva is secreted grow in quantity, queasy, come on acerbity belch, disgusting vomiting.

4. Bacterial sex is dysenteric

— calorific, temperature is in more 38 ℃ above, disgusting vomiting, afterwards with clonic bellyacke, diarrhoea, bellyacke with umbilical week1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Reach left next abdomens are, everyday defecate 10 ~ 20, the blood that show pus, the quantity is little, in urgent hind heavy sense is clear. It is summerly fall red-letter day to come on more, have food and drink feculent history.

 Beat of baby tummy ministry rouses

5. Irritability purpura

— skin violet spot, lower limbs and hip see more, distributing symmetrically, appear group by group, size differs, companion of patient of;50% of skin of amaranth, tower above has abdominal distension abdominal pain, be located in umbilical week to reach next abdomen, can accompany disgusting vomiting n/meds having blood in his stool wait for the big joint such as; genu ankle to wander sexual ache or apparently red gall. See more at children and youth, before having disease 1 ~ often has the upper respiratory tract 3 weeks to affect history.

6. Secrete make water is calculous

— epigastrium or back, waist or costal region abdomen are aching, more acuteness, be down the place such as inside of abdomen, vulva, ham to radiate sorely, accompany dripping wet of dysuria, disgusting vomiting, kubla khah, collapse, last a period of time comes several minutes several hours, see blood in the urine, or have make water urgent, frequent micturition, make water is painful.

7. Hepatitis of acute virus sex

— – right go up secret anguish of celiac feel distended, can touch bump, the skin is sclerotic hair is yellow, pee color is yellow, anorexia, disgusting vomiting, be disgusted with is oily, can accompany have Wei cold, calorific, lack of power.

8. Chronically hepatitis

– – suffer from hepatitis with the passing of time not to heal, exceed half an year, right on celiac secret anguish is made bilge, the likelihood reachs bag piece, have tenderness, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Inappetence, lack of power and listless, or have the skin mole of dark, spider, the palm is like pork liver color aglow.

9. Liver cirrhosis

—-Abdominal distension, right go up celiac secret anguish, have or do not have bump, anorexia, lose weight, tired and lack of power, diarrhoea; bazoo nosebleeds, dot of spot of Yu of gum haemorrhage, skin, Yu, complexion is dark, spider mole, the palm is like pork liver lubricious; to give out heat aglow, the skin is sclerotic hair is yellow, celiac wall blood-vessel is shown, ascites. Most patient has hepatitis medical history several years.

10. Chronic cholecystitis, gall-stone

— repeatedly the abdomen on fit is made bilge aching, show durative secret anguish acuteness knife cuts appearance ache, because play knife and fork or surfeit are fat,accentuate more, companion has disgusting vomiting, gastric ministry is glowing, belch returns sick at heart, partial patient is right on the abdomen touchs bursa sex is wrapped piece.

11. SlowShanghai Long Feng forum

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Quality pancreatitis

– – epigastrium is gotten painful or blunt painful, constant more acuteness, accentuate quickly and last longer, partial patient is left on abdomen or umbilical ministry can touch bag piece, have tenderness, companion has dyspeptic, anorexia, anorexia is fat, lose weight. Go to already have medical history of acute pancreatitis fit.

 Beat of baby tummy ministry rouses

12. Uterus flesh tumour

— female, abdomen dropping bilges below aching, partial patient touchs bag piece, lumbar acid is unwell; menstruation cycle shortens, measure much, period to lengthen, irregular vagina bleeds, ; of leucorrhoea grow in quantity or have frequent micturition, constipation, have a bowel movement not free, infecund.

13. Chronically pelvic infection

—-Female, abdomen dropping bilges below aching, ache of lumbar Di ministry, often reach increase of leucorrhoea of; of menstrual around aggravate after overworked, sexual intercourse, maladjusted; has menstrual grow in quantity or period sometimes low heat, tired or spirit is depressed, the whole body is unwell, insomnia.

14. Dysmenorrhoea

– – ache of the abdomen below go by around or menses, object bilge, aching degree is differ, last more 2 ~ alleviate 3 days. Accompany sometimes have disgusting vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness lack of power etc, serious when complexion is hoar, give cold sweat or collapse.

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