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Manual nowadays toast still gets quite of everybody’s welcome and be fond of, but how this kind of toast should be made when a lot of people do not know him to be inside the home, prepare the condiment that uses with respect to need before do actually, e.g. butter, must first toast above of a butter, flavour can let much better after such word was being baked, and taste more loose.

1.Will all material (except fold butter) pour domestic mixer agitate to dough surface together smooth bouncy, dough planish is refrigerant two hours

2.dough the bag enters fold butter

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3.dough 3 fold twice, put into refrigerant and flabby 30 minutes

4.dough finally 3 fold 3 times, lever is pressed to 1.5 centimeters thick

5.dough 50% discount become fold quilt appearance

6.dough 50% discount become butterfly figure

7.Cut dough 200 grams. (There is small mould in the home, helpless used old pattern)

8.the faceA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The group is pressed gently, in be being put into the mould

9.With temperature 28 ℃ , room temperature ferments 2 hour

10.Ferment after finishing, with oven temperature 200 ℃ , roast 20 minutes, again with oven 160 ℃ small fire is in temperature roast 10 minutes

1 ⒈ is together all raw material mix up outside dividing butter, Ma Jilin, knead a group. ⒉ joins butter, knead to patulous condition, the lid lasts film, flabby 30 minutes.

12. hits Ma Jilin thin, become dough roll Ma Jilin double big, encase it next, approach good limit.

13. will wrap the face skin roll of good Ma Jilin to leave, 3 after folding, put last bag, enter freezer refrigerant and flabby 20 minutes.

14. takes out dough, roll leaves, fold repeatedly, put last bag, refrigerate into freezer flabby 20 minutes.

15. takes out dough, again roll leaves, 3 fold, put last bag, refrigerate into freezer flabby 2 hours.

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Roll becomes 0.5 centimeters of large chip, will decorate level quadrilateral.

Skin of 17. general face becomes two along cent length a border, an average branch becomes trisect (top does not cut off) , make up growShanghai night net

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Braid, both ends is folded upcountry downward respectively, put the standard that say department, undertake fermenting finally. (I made another face skin ox horn form, put freezerLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Refrigerant, etc when wanting to eat, take again undertake fermenting finally, when the process arrives again post. When the process arrives again post.. New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The dough such as ⒐ goes up to 8 minutes full when, the surface brushs egg fluid (escape cut) , enter warm-up 180 degrees oven, fluctuation fire, 30 minutes.

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