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No matter be mineral or vinegar, it is commonner in the daily life of people article. Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Of course, both allocate together, still have the effect of a lot of respects, e.g. OK and OK and clean kitchen and bathroom, clean freezer, clean clothings, clean washing machine, return the result that can achieve furniture to disinfect even. Below, introduce in detail for everybody oneLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Next mineral add common effect of vinegar!

Mineral adds vinegar

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

One, cleanness of kitchen, bathroom

1. asperses sodium bicarbonate pink in the smudgy place quiet place of kitchen stove about 5 minutes, the kitchen with general reoccupy is wiped with wet dishcloth can go degrease.

If 2. is to counter hoard for speculation long already dirty smeary need to be being aspersed only on spray again after sodium bicarbonate pink white vinegar water is on sodium bicarbonate pink, euqally quiet place is wiped after about 5 minutes can keep clear of dense corrupt.

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After after clean kitchen stove or arrange stage spray with water of sodium bicarbonate pink only, quiet place makes an appointment with 5 minutes, wipe again can purify is smudgy.

The method with same 4. uses the processing bathroom place that wants cleanness.

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The bowl that 5. scorchs asperses spoonful (the place that arranges 10ml) sodium bicarbonate pink to add water lid to scorch too, quiet place of the flameout after heating can brush clean anxious boiler easily 20 minutes.

6. microwave oven, oven: The sodium bicarbonate water of 100cc of microwave bowl outfit places microwave oven inside, microwave is taken out after a minute, the steam cleanness after using microwave wipes absolutely cleanness to sneak away thoroughly smooth, clean, later same microwave takes out the white vinegar of reload 100cc after a minute, the food peculiar smell in microwave oven also all disappears!

2, freezer cleanness

Freezer cleanness of every weeks is applicable also the sodium bicarbonate water, disinfection that reachs white vinegar water to make the last time.

3, clothings cleanness

Mineral adds vinegar

It is to asperse like 1. on soda pink is in the smudgy place such as collar, cuff, spray quiet place of white vinegar water makes an appointment with 20-30 after minute again scrub. Next reoccupy washs clothes commonly the agent is pressed wash clothes commonly the program is cleaned.

If 2. is the particularly dirty clothings after child libertinism, need will clothings and wash clothes agent + sodium bicarbonate pink immerses to restrict 6 hours in hot water together. Next reoccupy washs clothes commonly the agent is pressed wash clothes commonly the program is cleaned.

4, wash clothes groovy cleanness

Wash clothes mensally groove is clean, the sodium bicarbonate white that joins a packet washs clothes into what put full water groove, the washing machine that start churns about 5 minutes, put out switch quiet place overnight; Lie between a day to wash clothes the smudgy meeting inside groove emerges one by one, redo washs clothes program (wash clothes, catchment) .

Dehumidify of sodium bicarbonate pink, go flavour utility: The place such as ambry of ark of freezer, microwave oven, almirah, shoe, bathroom.

1. installs a cup of sodium bicarbonate pink with the cup (the sodium bicarbonate powder that is put in freezer almirah, elastic of reoccupy of a gauze can be added to bind in cup mouth close, prevent not careful overturn to asperse piece) put in dehumidify of ambry of almirah, freezer, bathroom to hold concurrently go flavour. (Flummery cup is very good use! )

The sodium bicarbonate noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that 2. shoe ark uses, the old hose that in can using the home, falls into disuse loads sodium bicarbonate pink.

Mineral adds vinegar

5, house home is disinfected

Usable dishcloth touchs every table, ambry, toy, floor, wall, mains switch disinfection of white vinegar water.

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