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We are cooking when making food, what cannot leave certainly is delicious condiment. Because condiment has very main effect, salty little taste is a kind of very good flavoring. Taste salty little taste, suit any crowd edible. OK also oneself are recuperated, canShanghai Long Feng forum

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Differ according to individual taste, choose delicate condiment. Flavorring method has a lot of kinds, how is so salty little taste moved?

How is salty little taste moved

One, how is salty little taste moved

Salty little taste has the characteristic with Xian Xianyi’s person, goluptious faint scent. Dressing: Refined salt, gourmet powder. Modulation method: Xian Xiang should be highlighted in allocating, the dosage of refined salt and gourmet powder should satisfy the need of dish. Among them, refined salt dosage should salty and not weak, both neither can press raw material little taste, what want prominent appearance to suit again is salty degree; Gourmet powder has the effect of little taste of auxiliary raw material, cannot this little taste of cover raw material, with dish population the feeling is degree. Shanghai noble baby

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Balm, cooking wine, Chinese prickly ash, peppery end, green, ginger rises in cook carry delicacy, add the sweet, effect that removes different, dosage with what do not change this taste is delicate salty delicacy is degree. In cook, will abluent raw material (the duck that be like chicken) with green (draw a form) , ginger (pat broken) in throwing person water together, haemorrhage reachs the fish out when fishy smell, take the advantage of heat to wipe on cooking wine, refined salt, put evaporate basin, rejoin Chinese prickly ash, peppery end, Xian Shang, green, Jiang Zheng comes most probably soft ripe, take out, building air with wet gauze cool, cut an outfit dish. Additional will former juice adds gourmet powder to move , drench when edible go up in raw material.

How is salty little taste moved

2, salty little taste is delicate – powdery evaporate hyacinth bean

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1, violet hyacinth bean rushs with water, go head end and the muscle of 2 side1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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3, after in putting water, be being boiled, continue to boil to ripe, actually even evaporate is made, not ripe possible also, ginger, garlic cuts delicate last stage.

How is salty little taste moved

5, take a bowl small to put powder of ginger, garlic, cooking wine, fermented bean curd juice, a sweet sauce made of fermented flour, unripe smoke, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Saccharic, balm, I still added spoon beef sauce, did not add, agitate reserves into sauce equably.

7, the hyacinth bean fish out that has boiled, join the sauce of mix up, mix is even, join evaporate flesh ground rice.

10, mix is even, the evaporate that is put in electric meal Bao is worn on (below cook) , begin to cook normally program, time arrives can.

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